From The Editor

Welcome To ‘Hollywood Chigum’

by Shelt Garner

I have noticed that whenever I write entertainment-related posts, I get a lot more native traffic than anything else I write about. So, since I’m writing a novel and need something to distract myself with every once in a while, I have decided to try my hand AGAIN at a new blog.

I have extremely low expectations, so low they don’t exist. If I can simply get a few interesting domain names in my Webstats, that will make my day. But I do think there is a niche that isn’t being served — that of snarky entertainment business reporting.

Let me be clear — I don’t live in LA. I’m just a rando. But I do enjoy journalistic writing and the idea of attempting to throw myself at the entertainment industry in a quixotic attempt to shake up the “trades” is appealing to me. 

We’ll see. 

Thanks for reading.